Expert in metal design and fabrication

Phoenix fabricates products for many different industries and has various presses and types of welding equipment to meet your needs.

Facility #1

Administration, Metal Fabricating, Powder Coating

Facility #2

Metal Stamping, Vibratory Deburr

Facility #3

Assembly, Warehouse, Shipping

Phoenix Metal Fabricating

Leader in the industrial field

Phoenix Metal stands out for its personalized service, its expertise and its rigour in the manufacture of custom and mass-produced metal products.

Our capabilities.

Laser Cutting

Our lasers are quick, powerful, and efficient.

Metal Fabrication

We fabricate metal products for many different industries and have the presses and types of welding equipment to meet your needs.

Metal Stamping

We use multiple stamping presses and many of these presses are equipped with coil handling. We can work with many different materials to provide metal stampings for numerous applications.

Powder Coating

We offer both automatic and manual powder coat finishes for your needs. We also have a recently installed new wash, bake off oven, and Gema guns and controls to insure quality.


From Spot Welding to MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding, Phoenix Metal has the welding capabilities to meet your needs.


We can provide you with light electrical or mechanical assembly. We have the tools that make us a great choice to assemble your finished product.


From Anodizing to Zing Plating, Phoenix Metal Fabricating is capable of many subcontract processes.

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